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Gen 2 Surf System Review

Summer is finally here!  After a long week at the office, a great way to relax and unwind is to grab the fam and jump in the boat and go surfing.  The best thing about it?  Everyone can give it a try, so is a great way to get the whole family and all of your friends involved.  We also love how it doesn't put as much strain on your body which is especially nice after a couple of ski sets. Phase_Five_Scamp_Wakesurf-2T

Finally there is a board small enough for

the younger riders to learn and grow on!

The Phase 5 Scamp has a 120 lbs. weight

limit and  has three fins for added stability.


The Ronix Koal Powertail is a

new board for 2014 that is stable

and buoyant like a longboard,

but is fast like a thruster to

create speed off of the wake






Take a look at MasterCraft's 2014 Gen 2 Surf System and see what a difference it can make!


MasterCraft 2014 Prostar

Another great looking Prostar left the shop yesterday! Congrats Fossum's- enjoy the summer!


April Showers Bring You Waterskis.com

It's raining.  It's raining a lot.  It has been raining here at Waterskis.com for the past 36 hours.  The rain is not supposed to let up for another few days or so.  This much rain makes us Minnesotan's thankful for two things: first that it is not snowing and second, that the lakes will have plenty of water for skiing!  Since there is so much rain around us, I thought I would show you a picture of the rain and two pictures of our shipping/receiving area in the warehouse.



The rain here has been relentless, coming from all directions and bringing the wind with it!



Here is our kneeboard, wakeskate, and closeout wakesurf board wall.  We try and maximize the space we have to fit as much product in a small space as possible.


We received many pallets worth of HO Skis, Hyperlite Wake products so it is down, getting tagged and counted!  It may look like madness from here, but trust me...there is a method to the madness!!

See you on the lake!




2014 Radar Vapor Waterski Gloves

The Radar Vapor Waterski Glove is the top of the line glove from Radar Skis.  It can be found on the hands of skiers like Aaron Larkin, KC Wilson, and Chris Rossi...and there is a reason too!  This glove, fits like no other glove has before. The exclusive BOA Lacing system on the back of the hand pulls the entire glove snug, instead of just the standard velcro strap across the back of the hand.  This glove should be pretty snug (borderline uncomfortable) when they are brand new and not in the water.  This glove does stretch some to the perfect fit after some use and when it is wet.  The palm is a Kevlar palm through the fingers that gives you superior grip without bunching.  Bunching is bad, it gives you blisters! New for this year, Radar introduced their "Shark Skin" material on the back of the hand.  This new material on the back of the hand takes a lot of seams out of the back of the hand which can be uncomfortable to ski with.  If you are in the market for a new pair of gloves this year, take the time to seriously consider the Radar Vapor Waterski Glove!

Radar VaporRadar Vapor1Radar Vapor2


2014 Minneapolis Boat Show Wrap Up

The 2014 Minneapolis Boat Show was a success for Midwest MasterCraft and Waterskis.com!  We had professional waterskiers and wakeboarders from Ronix, Radar, and Hyperlite!  Brooks Wilson of Radar Skis and MasterCraft Boats was up from his home in Florida, getting skier's on the latest and greatest skis from Radar.  Danny Harf from Ronix Wake was here, promoting his line up of Ronix One boards, boots, and vests!  From Hyperlite, Rusty Malinoski was here signing autographs and promoting his pro model board, the Marek.  We have a boat show special containing a 2013 Hyperlite Marek Nova Core with Hyperlite Team Open Toe Boots for a killer deal!  Fun was had by all and we are officially put back together here at the shop.  Stop by and say hello and get a little taste of spring here at the shop!

photo (5)

Brooks Wilson with some happy customers!

 Brooks can be found teaching at The Boarding School just outside of Orlanda, FL skiing on Radar Skis and being towed exclusively by MasterCraft Boats.


2014 Minneapolis Boat Show

It's that time of year again...the 2014 Minneapolis Boat Show is right around the corner.  Midwest MasterCraft as well as our sister store, Midwest Watersports will be there in full force.  We will have all of the new boats on display as well as the new MasterCraft Gen2 Surf System.   We will also be bringing our mobil pro shop with products from great brands you love including Radar Skis, HO Skis, Ronix Wake, and Hyperlite Wake.  Professional skiers and riders will be in attendance so stop by booth 2002 as well as 2001B and get your picture taken and an autograph! 2014 MasterCraft X46.Lifestyle #10 (CMYK, 150 DPI, 1200x799)2014 MasterCraft Gen 2 Surf System (CMYK, 150 DPI, 1200x800)The 2014 Minneapolis Boat Show is located at the Minneapolis Convention Center in downtown Minneapolis, MN.  The dates of the show are January 30- February 2.


Happy Holidays from Waterskis.com

We here at Waterskis.com and Midwest MasterCraft want to wish you all a safe and happy holidays.  We are located in the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, MN so we will be seeing white snow and ice for a while.  So if you are travelling to somewhere warm, take a set for us!  We are looking forward to the 2014 Minneapolis Boat show where we will have all the best boats in the industry on display!

Happy Holidays!



2014 Radar Vapor Slalom Water Skis

This fall, Radar Skis released it's third top of the line slalom ski shape called the Vapor.  The first ski they made was the RS-1 which didn't take off quite like they had hoped even though Canadian Whitney McClintock won the 2009 World Championships on that ski.  In 2010, Chris Rossi and the Radar development team worked hard to release something new and fresh and they did, the Strada.  The Strada was and still is one of the most user friendly high end skis out there on the water.  Skiers would get on that ski and instantly feel comfortable and ski their hearts out.  That ski had a great run and has now been replaced after 3 years.  The new ski, the Radar Vapor is a completely new shape and design.  The ski has created a lot of buzz and has already won many competitions and is just racking up trophies.  If you are looking for a new ski, don't pass up an opportunity to try a Vapor.

As a fellow slalom skier that reads the forums, talks to customers on the phone and email as well as in store, I've noticed a bit of confusion about the 2014 Radar line.  I will go through the high end portion of their line here to help clear some of the confusion.

The Vapor series replaces the Strada, Vice - C, and Vice.  There are three editions of the Vapor ski correlating to the three skis that it is replacing.  The Lithium Edition Vapor replaces the Strada, the Graphite Edition Vapor replaces the Vice - C, and the Alloy Edition Vapor replaces the Vice.  The three Vapor editions are all made out of the same shape like the Strada, Vice - C, and Vice were, but the insides change.  The Lithium Edition Vapor is a full carbon ski, with a PVC foam core, the lightest and most responsive core in the Radar line.  The Graphite Vapor is still a full carbon ski, but with a machined Aerocore at the middle so it is just a little more forgiving that the Lithium.  The Alloy Vapor is a blend of fiberglass and carbon to add swing weight and make this the most forgiving Vapor in the line.

Please contact us if you have any questions and happy skiing!

Radar Lithium VaporRadar Graphite Vapor





Update: 2014 MasterCraft ProStar

One of our previous posts introduced you to the all new, 2014 MasterCraft ProStar boat.  Now the MasterCraft site allows you to build your own, the way you want to!   Take a look at the two videos below to get a sneak peak at how the new ProStar was designed, and to see the finished product in action.  We will be receiving our first ProStar in November and cannot wait!






Another Surf Expo in the books!

The crew here at Waterskis.com took a trip down to Orlando this past week to Surf Expo, the watersports industry trade show.  We got a sneak peak at all of the 2014 products; everything from boats and skis to vests and apparel.  We are really excited about the 2014 products and can't wait for those to arrive!